It’s easy to spot a storm chaser… right?

No, it is not. Some of them disguise themselves by buying into a small local company and operating under that namesake.

All of a sudden John Doe’s Roofing who was owned by John for 40 years and who ran it with his son and had gross sales of about 150k annually since the 70’s now has 25 sales reps, 3 managers and 7 crews.

The problem is that when the storm activity dies down, Mr. Doe has to take back over all the problems left and the money he was paid usually doesn’t cover the issues caused by poor workmanship. Now John has no other choice but to close up shop unless he sells the business to the storm chasers for pennies on the dollar.

Some storm chasers will take money up front for “materials” and will skip town. If a roofing contractor asks for money up front, you may have just spotted a dangerous storm chaser.

Never do business with a company that asks for a down payment for materials.

If they’re established, they shouldn’t need your money to buy roofing materials. They should have plenty of credit with suppliers and money to pay their crews to be able to complete the project. You should be completely satisfied with your new roof before you pay your roofing contractor any money. This is the best way to make sure you’re going to get great work.

Mammoth never collects down payments for this very reason.

They prey on home owners, trying to manipulate them by using religious rhetoric. Storm chasers will use phrases like “being a good steward” that lower the guard of home owners into thinking they are a “good” guy. They may also include token religious iconography on their vehicles including crosses or fish. There is nothing wrong with choosing a religious-based contractor, however, ask them about their faith, their local church, or any verifiable philanthropy their business may be involved in.

The best advice is to just do your homework. Read online about a company’s track record. Look for reviews, photos, HomeAdvisor designation, Angie’s List approval, and Google Business listings. Places where you can see real reviews that are monitored for fake activity. Ask neighbors , friends, coworkers and associates.

Mammoth makes great efforts to take care of our customers so that we create a buzz everywhere we operate. We don’t change our name to “look” local, we have offices in the areas where we work so that we can respond quickly when problems arise.

Great work, great service, great people and the nation’s best warranty.

Mammoth has you covered.