Tile roofing is a phenomenal roofing option that holds up well over time, while offering a great amount of aesthetic appeal. The beauty of tile roofing is hard to beat and can send the curb appeal of your home through the roof, especially since there are so many different tile roofing options that are available on the market today.

While we’re always happy to recommend tile roofing, our roofing contractors know that tile isn’t always the best choice for homeowners based on their needs and budget. Below are some of the things you’ll want to consider before installing a tile roof.


This is the biggest stopping point for most homeowners when they begin to consider tile roof installation. Yes, tile roofs are more expensive, often costing several times as much as a standard asphalt shingle, all other things being equal (size and shape of roof, difficulty of installation, etc.).

However, when it comes to roofing systems, the upfront cost isn’t the only thing to consider. 

While tile is one of the more expensive types of roofs in terms of upfront costs, they are also some of the longest-lasting roofs you can find; they’ve been known to last some homeowners 50 years or longer if they’re properly cared for. 

When installing a new roof, always consider the cost over time, not just what you pay upfront. You may actually be saving money, time, and headaches in the future by investing a little more in the beginning.