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We Do Free Roof Inspections And Estimates

Roofing contractors are a dime a dozen here in Texas. While it’s certainly great to have a lot of options at hand, it can also make the decision-making process challenging. After all, how do you discern the bad from the good? Even more than that, how do you discern the good from the best? At Mammoth Contracting, we offer free roof inspections and estimates. That way you have the chance to work with us before you commit to choosing us for your new roof. This way you can see how we work, and we have the opportunity to prove our service is superior to any other company.

Our Roofing Services Are Backed By A Lifetime Warranty

At Mammoth Contracting, we offer a “best in the industry” warranty we call our Mammoth Two Tusk Lifetime Warranty. Unlike many other warranties that simply cover the materials, or just offer a labor guarantee for a few years, our lifetime warranty is just that. We’ll cover materials and labor for the entire life of the roof. This means a 30-year shingle will come with a 30-year material and workmanship guarantee. On top of that, this warranty is transferable and is a great value add if you’re trying to sell your home.

We’ve Formed Strategic Partnerships For Your Benefit

No man is an island, and that’s equally true for a roofing company. That’s why we’ve formed strategic partnerships with the industry’s largest and most-trusted manufacturers to offer you top-quality products at low rates. On top of that, we even work with companies that provide high-tech measuring and estimating tools to get you the most accurate quotes possible.

We Have Licensed, Bonded & Insured Contractors

Having insurance is not just about protecting our interests as a company. It’s about protecting yours as well. Choosing a roofing company that doesn’t possess proper insurance coverages, including worker’s comp and general liability, can open yourself up to some major lawsuits if a roofer injures themselves on your property. At Mammoth Contracting, we put our clients first every step of the way. And that means having the proper licences, pulling permits when needed, and having sufficient insurance coverage.

We Give You A Personal Project Manager

At Mammoth Contracting, we are all about giving you the best possible customer experience when you choose us for your residential roofing service. To that end, we give you a dedicated project manager who will be your primary point of contact throughout the entire process. That means if any questions or concerns come up, you’ll have some there to get you the answers you need.

Some Tile Roofing Considerations

Tile roofing is a phenomenal roofing option that holds up well over time, while offering a great amount of aesthetic appeal. And while it may be one of the more expensive options upfront, tile roofs can last up to 100 years if properly taken care of, saving you more money in the long run.

Tile Roof Maintenance

While the tiles themselves can last a long time, the underlayment should be replaced every eight to 20 years. At Mammoth Contracting, we highly recommend using professional residential roofing services not just for your initial installation, but this vital part of maintenance as well.

Call For A Free Roof Inspection And Tile Roof Estimate

If you’d like to learn more about the various tile roofing options we have, and to request a free roof inspection, simply fill out a contact form or give us a call at (888) 48-Roofs (76637). A member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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