Free Inspections / Estimates

Complete exterior inspections with detailed reporting on all exterior. Free inspections and estimates on all properties. Schedule your inspection today.

Certified Roofing Crews

Our crews are trained extensively and have the experience as professionals to be sure we can provide a consistent product for our customers. We supervise the crews for quality performance as well as adherence to OSHA safety guidelines.

Best in Business Roof Warranty

The Mammoth Two Tusk Lifetime WarrantyTM is named as such to remind our customers that they are covered for the material and the workmanship. The Warranty is transferrable and covers exterior and interior if a problem arises from our work. Mammoth has you covered.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Mammoth is licensed everywhere we work and insured for your protection and ours. Mammoth has secured Worker’s Comp as well as General Liability. We always pull permits where required and follow local codes for all of our projects.

Quality Control Reporting

We perform a Quality Checklist and take photos to be sure our work is done right.


Safety is #1. We must protect our employees and our customers. Our crews adhere to OSHA safety guidelines.

Mammoth Technological Advantage

Aerial CAD

Our partners use aerial flyover views of your home to create photos and measurement reports allowing Mammoth to accurately measure your roof. This same technology is used by many insurance carriers.

Photo Report

Mammoth documents all of the damage, not just roof damage, caused by a hail storm so that we can have them available to show you and your insurance company.

We perform a roof analysis of the hail damage similar to the procedure used by insurance adjusters (test squares) to give an accurate assessment of the damage to your home. Additionally, we want to be sure to document any other items that could be damaged by hail that are often difficult to see and might go unnoticed.

Test Squares

Roofing test squares are generally defined in the industry as a 10′ x 10′ area tested on a roof slope to determine the number of hail strikes in this area as a representation of the damage to the entire slope.

This number is then used as a determination of whether or not the slope can be repaired or must be replaced.

Many insurance companies will test 4 slopes in this manner to determine if a roof must be replaced in its entirety or partially replaced.


Mammoth uses the latest estimating software to accurately estimate your roofing project costs, a software system used by the majority of insurance carriers in the industry, this minimizes discrepancies on our estimates and provides you with an easy to follow platform for your estimate.