Set inspection appointment with homeowners

We set a time with the homeowners to discuss the claim and everything involved prior to beginning work.

Come back at our appointment time

And tell the homeowner that we will be performing a thorough inspection to make sure we account for the entire scope of the claim


  1. Photos

    1. Photo of house numbers, Photo of Front of house
    2. Start inspection on front left of house documenting anything damaged by hail by taking a photo
      1. Roof , Gutters, windows, window screens, window beading, downspouts, garage doors, fascia, paint chipped on fences, deck, railing, any personal property like BBQ grills, kids’ playhouse, hot tub covers, dryer vents, siding, railing on the deck, deck planks, solar lights, garden gnomes, brick, outdoor kitchens. ANYTHING that looks hit by hail we want to take a picture. More is better, 150-200 photos in an inspection
    3. Ladder Safety– put your ladder up in a valley or ridge to make it easier to get on the roof. Use Cougar Paws (safety shoes) if you have them. Use the 4/1 rule for angle of ladder.
    4. Roof Inspection
      1. Mark a 10’ x 10’ square foot area (called a square in the business) and label it according to which direction it faces. F=Front, B=Back, R= right, L=Left. Mark hail with a circle around it within the square, try to find 8-10 strikes on each slope of the roof. Slope=side. For example Front, Left, Back, Right. Or North , South, East , West.
      2. Take photos of all accessories, pipe jacks, vents, satellites , etc.
      3. Take photos of all 4 slopes from roof
      4. Take close up of F=8 and 3-4 hail strikes per slope

Sit down at the kitchen table with the homeowner and review the photos and our digitized process “explainer” (pitchbook).

This walks the homeowner through the process from start to finish explaining pricing, how the insurance works, how the roof is installed, etc.. The homeowner then signs a contingency agreement that says, if we meet the insurance co onsite and the roof is approved, we will be the contractor of choice.

Meet the insurance company’s adjuster onsite to review the damage.

We let them do their job, but also try to make sure nothing is missed. We have our photos handy to show any items overlooked so that they can be included in the scope. If the adjuster agrees on full roof replacement , the paperwork should be with the homeowners within a week or so with the first payment. We ask our customers to give us the insurance paperwork so that we can account for any necessary supplements. Since our contract with the homeowner is for ONLY the replacement cost value approved by the insurance after our supplement, they feel great knowing that they only have to pay their deductible to get the work complete.

We schedule the work to be completed

Once we’ve got paperwork and a contract “agreement”, we schedule the work to be completed. Usually within a week or two after approval.

Our guys show up at dawn and work until dusk to complete the work.

They take minimal breaks. Our crew is completely dedicated to completing the roof in a timely manner to minimize our footprint on the customers property. We tear the roof down to the decking including all nails and felt paper to inspect the decking. The nails are taken out to preserve the decking so that we aren’t doubling the nail volume when we install the new roof. We replace rotten decking as needed, up to 100 square feet and no charge. (additonal SF is $1.50 to cover our costs).

We install a roof system that includes synthetic underlayment, 6 nails per shingle, premium shingle brands, ice shield around all penetrations (vents, valleys, pipe flashing, sidewall flashing, chimney flashing). We use style – d drip edge which helps shed water away from the fascia. Our crews are certified and trained to follow OSHA safety regulations. We tarp landscaping and protect the property as needed. We ground load the shingles instead of roof load to protect our customers’ safety, we take the old roof off before we load up the new one. We have onsite project consultants watching the job to make sure everything goes as planned.

After the job is complete is when we collect the first payment

We don’t take down payments, so after the job is complete is when we collect the first payment , we collect the ACV (first) check and the deductible

A quality inspection

Our project consultant and/or project manager will complete an all around inspection of the work to make sure it’s done correctly including photos and recommendations for our crew if any. A quality inspection.

We send in our final invoice reflective of the updated paperwork

Once our supplement team has come up with an agreed scope with the insurance company, we send in our final invoice reflective of the updated paperwork letting them know the work is complete so that they will release the deprecation. Once the homeowner has received the final check, we collect the final check.