Mammoth Job Submission Checklist


  1. Full name, number and email in Acculynx under the “primary contact section”


  1. Contract with color, manufacturer, and shingle for roofing, and metal drip edge color


  1. Gutter color if applicable and whether they are going to be 5″ or 6”


  1. Contract worksheet completed in Acculynx with a different line item for each trade and numbers calculated correctly. Be sure to include the line item numbers, and whether or not it includes tax and/or O&P in the description.


  1. RCV roof, line items 1-10, 12-13, 14-18, includes tax.


  1. Original insurance paperwork (all pages) uploaded and readable


  1. Special instructions (at least 2) documented in Acculynx and tagged Tim (ie, cover pool with tarp, watch out for Japanese maple, dog in back, neighbor ornery, boards over garage, boards over window, move furniture on patio, homeowner is agent referral, be careful, may add gutters, may add solar vents, solar company is advanced solar, take off satellite dish and throw away, etc.) if there aren’t ANY, then make an entry in messages that says “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS- NONE”


  1. Completed Hunter-Gatherer uploaded under scan section. (these include accessory counts and all damage counts to help you sell without an estimate and allow us to supplement easier and protect us from issues arising after completion).


  1. All required photos, see Hunter Gatherer for reference. – house number, elevations photos (pic from the corner of the house from all four corners), slope photos on the roof to be able to get accessory count, eave photo to show drip edge and how felt is installed and if a gutter is installed at the eave, gutter screws, starter.


  1. Any notes specific to a certain department or person, please put the name in all caps so that it can easily be seen as we scroll through messages. For example

PRODUCTION- the color amendment is in photos as a screenshot of texts between rep and homeowner.  Also, we are adding 42 LF of a gutter to include the back right and back left downspouts.


OPERATIONS- when billing, please add $6.05/LF plus tax for the 42 LF of gutter we added to this claim for the final invoice.


  1. Change document names to simple, easy to locate names, here are some common ones for templates and things you’ll see in our files.
    1. Original ins ppwk
    2. Contract
    3. Updated ins ppwk (this is how Mammoth would label updated insurance paperwork if one of us obtained it)
    4. Initial 1 (this is SFY’s label for the first supplement they are requesting to be sent out)
    5. Initial 2 (this is SFY’s label for a supplement to be sent out after they’ve made our requested revisions)
    6. SOL2 (this is SFY’s label for “statement of loss” after the insurance co has made their first set of changes, we usually would call this “updated ppwk”)
    7. SOL3 (SFY’s next version after more changes from ins co)


  1. Notify your manager by submitting the job for approval in Acculynx and sending an email with the Homeowner name and Submission in the subject line. EX. Jane Smith Submission