Many insurance companies limit the time to submit a claim and replace your roof to between 6 months and 1 year. Some insurance companies, like State Farm or USAA, may extend your time frame to 2 years because they’re great insurance companies, but for the majority of roof replacement claims, one year is pretty standard.

Here’s where many home owners get into trouble because they wait too long to get the work done and the insurance company will not pay out the depreciation.

Also, you don’t want to wait until you have a roof leak which could take a while to spot and cause additional damage that the insurance company won’t cover. Insurance companies generally will not cover wood rot because wood rot occurs over a period of time.

Insurance is coverage for sudden and accidental damage caused by a covered cause of loss.

Another version of this question we often hear:

” I want to wait until after storm season to get my roof fixed, I don’t want to have my new roof get damaged again by hail.
Insurance companies want you to wait, because they could be back in a couple months to buy another roof. In reality it’s a rare occasion for large damaging hail to come through and hit the exact same area twice in one year.

Most homeowners go years or even decades between storms that cause hail damage.

Also, a new roof will hold up much better than an old one. In some of our storm markets we provide free upgrades to class 4 , impact resistant shingle designed to withstand large hail strikes, up to 2 inches.

You are rolling the dice a little, but even if you have to get it replaced a month later from another hail storm, it wont’ cost you anything out of pocket. The insurance company does not hold back deprecation since the roof is brand new and unless you have a really high deductible, you will likely be able to get the roof fixed on round two with no out-of-pocket cost.

Get it fixed asap or you’ll regret it.