Local means…local. They’re near you. Doesn’t that make them better than a roofer in another city?

There are good and bad roofing contractors everywhere, you have to be able to distinguish the difference.

What ways can you see their track record?

The BBB is a good place to start, but let’s be honest, if a contractor pays the BBB and responds to complaints, they’ll usually be ok in their BBB standing. Not every contractor with a good BBB rating does great work every time or monitors their quality with photo reports and inspections.

The key is to find a contractor that will fix problems if they arise. That is what you should look for in their track record.

Anyone can be good when everything goes right.

It’s the people that stand behind their work and fix problems who you want to give your business. Mammoth is able to help in areas where there are too many people that need help and not enough good contractors in the area to get all of the work done in time.

We have permanent offices in several locations throughout Texas and Illinois, but operate throughout the South and Midwest , growing our company and leaving our footprint of happy customers who have the protection of the best warranty in the industry wherever we do work.

The insurance companies put time limits on how long you have to complete the roofing work after a hail event. The last thing you want to do is wait on a contractor who is not used to the kind of volume and activity generated by a large hail storm.

Mammoth has you covered.