Mammoth Two Tusk LIFETIME Warranty

Mammoth Contracting’s Two Tusk Lifetime Warranty is the industry’s best roofing warranty. Our lifetime warranty also applies to our siding. We stand behind our labor for life. We are asked quite often, “What does ‘lifetime’ really mean here? Simple. 

The products we install are covered for material and labor for the “life” (number of years) of the product. For example a 30-year shingle has a 30-year material and labor warranty. A 50-year shingle has a 50-year material and labor warranty.

We feel that the products our roofing contractors install should perform according to their rating in terms of longevity, because we work with only the top manufacturers in the industry. That said, even if there’s a problem with the material, Mammoth’s stance is that it is our responsibility to address the issue. 

We do not want our customers to worry about dealing with the manufacturer. We are accountable to our customers first and foremost. We will deal with the manufacturer on our end. Aside from a manufacturer defect, the only other reason the product should not perform to its listed standards is if the job was not done right.

We take 100% responsibility for our results because most of the time, a performance failure is a result of a poor installation. Our warranty is transferable, not pro-rated, and covers exterior and interior if there is ever a leak caused by our installation. Mammoth’s Two Tusk Lifetime Warranty™ truly is the nation’s BEST warranty. Mammoth has you covered. Contact us to learn more.

Compare the Mammoth Roofing Difference

Mammoth Two Tusk Warranty

Their Warranty

Two Warranties

Lifetime for labor and material. Covers exterior and interior.
Materials based on manufacturer warranty, labor is generally only two to five years.

Lifetime Labor

As long as you live in the house, Mammoth has you covered.
Two to five years.

Lifetime Materials

Life of roof product. 50 year shingles receive a 50 year material warranty, including all materials, vents, flashing, etc.
Complex. Only what the manufacturer will offer for shingles. Other materials are not covered.

Hassle Free and Quick Response

Quick and simple. Just give us a call and we will get it fixed immediately.
Written notification within 30 days and proof of purchase for most manufacturers. Hard to reach, slow response time.

Leak or problem

Free leak and problem checks.
Maybe… maybe not. Requires proof of leak.